various artists

shut up 'n play yer radio
- the others of invention volume 4 -

- all compositions by frank zappa

2000 cdr nl charpa productions


  1. yvar mikhashoff: piano introduction to little house i used to live in (frank zappa)
  2. the harmony band / ian gardner: twenty small cigars (frank zappa)
  3. wiget & krettschmar: ruth is sleeping (frank zappa)
  4. ed zappelin / kevin matthews: peaches en regalia (frank zappa)
  5. die junge deutsche philharmonie / sean edwards: bogus pomp (frank zappa)
  6. anthony de mare & gerard bouwhuis: sad jane (frank zappa)
  7. groen & flören: the black page (frank zappa)
  8. rachel hayward: peaches en regalia (frank zappa)
  9. andreas boettger: the boy with the magnesium dress (frank zappa)