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Writer and musician Greg Russo wrote an excellent book on Zappa: "Cosmik Debris - The Collected History and Improvisations of Frank Zappa".

Greg Russo's musical project is called Neonfire. The album featured a lot of Frank Zappa-related artists.

Around 2010, Greg Russo released a 35-volume set of "Pal and Original Sound Studio Archives", a series that took a look at the early recording sessions of Paul Buff and of Frank Zappa.



  neonfire: neonfire
    (2005, cd, usa, crossfire publications 9502-2) - feat.candy zappa, napoleon murphy brock

  candy zappa: be perfectly frank...
    (2011, cd, usa, porterville records / crossfire publications) - incl. various frank zappa compositions  //  feat. frank zappa, ike willis, don preston

candyzappa_tobeperfectlyfrank.jpg (24641 bytes)



cosmik debris

by greg russo
    (1998, book, usa, c
rossfire publications)

cosmik debris - "revised" edition

by greg russo
    (1999, book, usa, c
rossfire publications)  - reprinted in 2001

cosmik debris - "the son of revised" edition

by greg russo
    (2003, book, usa, c
rossfire publications) 

cosmik debris  (the return of the son of revised)

by greg russo
    (2017, book, usa, c
rossfire publications)
    (2017, book, uk, gonzo multimedia)

Revised edition of the book that originally got released in 1998.

cosmik debris

by greg russo
    (2018, book, italy, arcana

Italian edition of Greg Russo's Cosmik Debris.
527 pages.

ancient armaments: the frank zappa singles project

by greg russo
    (2019, pdf-book, usa, crossfire publications)

An updated version got released as both a pdf and an print-on-demand book in 2021. 
cosmik debris  (the return of the son of revised edition)

by greg russo
    (2021, book, usa, c
rossfire publications)

Revised edition of the book that originally got released in 1998.

ancient armaments: the frank zappa singles project

by greg russo
    (2021, book, usa, crossfire publications)

Originally released as a pdf-only in 2019, an updated version got released as both a pdf and an print-on-demand book in 2021. 


random notes

2007 02 28
For Immediate Release

New Crossfire Releases - Led Zeppelin, Zombies and Former Zappa Members - Soon To Hit The Streets!

2/28/07 - New York - Formidable publisher and record label, Crossfire Records, has some ambitious new releases lined-up for Spring 2007. Crossfire, who has blazed a name in the rock music publishing field by issuing invaluable documentations on music legends like Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Manfred Mann and The Zombies, are sole distributors of Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts. Led Zeppelin can be considered the quintessential rock stars of the 1970s with their special brand of classic hard rock. Written by Gilles Chateau and Sam Rapallo, the book explores the band's special relationship with the legendary concert venue, home of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Co-author and photographer of Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts, Gilles Chateau, shares his incredible never-before-seen collection of photographs along with insightful interviews, research and text by Sam Rapallo. A portion of the proceeds from the book's sales go to two of Jimmy Page's charities - The ABC Trust and Casa Jimmy.

In keeping with the Led Zeppelin book, Crossfire is making exclusively available Danish photographer Jorgen Angel's fantastic limited edition lithograph "The First Performance", with photos from Led Zeppelin's very first gig in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sept. 7, 1968!

A revised edition of Crossfire's critically acclaimed Zombies book Time Of The Season: The Zombies Collectors Guide , will be issued in early March 2007, including eight additional pages of material covering the band's activities and recordings since the original edition.

On the record label front, Crossfire has lined-up rare, archival releases by former Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention members, such as Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston and Bunk Gardner. When Do We Get Paid?, an archival collection of Jimmy Carl Black "the Indian Of The Group" rarities, was originally released in the UK in 1996. Crossfire head honcho Greg Russo has remastered and re-EQ'd the original recordings making them sound better than ever! The CD also includes three bonus tracks. Other CDs in the Crossfire catalogue include two rare compilations by surf music giants The Tornadoes, Now And Then and Charge Of The Tornadoes (some of the recordings were engineered by music genius Frank Zappa). Crossfire has released the Neonfire CD featuring Candy Zappa (Frank's little sister), Nolan Porter, Napoleon Murphy Brock (Zappa vocalist extraordinaire) and Andre Cholmondeley (of Project Object) amongst others. Super violinist Joe Deninzon is also featured on one track. The adventurous label also offers Yardbirds - Reunion Jam , fifteen live recordings from the legendary British ensemble's reunion shows in December 1991 and March 1992. Also available is From Rock 'n' Roll To R&B, an extremely rare edition CD that was available only from the Museum of Richmond in the UK. The CD showcases performances by The Bruvvers, The Downliners Sect, Tom Nolan Blues Trio and four exclusive tracks from the Yardbirds concert on October 15, 1998.

In the works: Crossfire Records has an exciting release schedule for 2007, which includes ex-Zappa frontman Bob Harris's The Great Nostalgia from 1986, which features guest performances by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. Nolan Porter has two upcoming Crossfire releases No Apologies and Nolan (containing the Northern soul classics "If I Could Only Be Sure" and "Keep On Keeping On" - these have been in great demand in British clubs for years), whilst sister of music icon Frank Zappa, Candy Zappa's future Crossfire CD is entitled My Brother Was A Mother. Also in the can, I Believe In Music: The History Of The Gross Prophet. The Gross Prophet was formed by Gerald Sanders of The Tornadoes in 1970 after the surf legends disbanded. The Gross Prophet featured many musicians throughout its 23-year career, like Tornadoes members Jesse Sanders, Leonard Delaney and George White, Wayne Charvel (creator of Charvel guitars), the late Jack Sessums (well-known special effects master for film and TV), Genteels drummer Carl Hubert, and Truants keyboardist/vocalist Dick Zeiner. Twenty-three unreleased tracks by The Gross Prophet join super rarities by The Genteels, The Tornadoes, The Truants, Never So Few, The Insects, Gerald Sanders, Jon &The Nightriders, Mike Methane and the Blue Flames and Sand to create a two-disc extravaganza that surf and garage fans cannot miss. Also in the works: Jon &The Nightriders Stampede. This is the first CD release of these 1986 recordings featuring retro surf guitar master John Blair. Jon &The Nightriders carried the torch of surf music during its quiet period during the 1970s and 1980s, and no one did surf instrumentals better. Stampede includes many fine sax contributions from Tornadoes member George White, making it essential. Finally, soon to be available from Crossfire, the legendary Paul Buff's PAL Studio recordings with Frank Zappa and many others - seven releases in all!

For more information on all Crossfire books and CDs visit:

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