the screaming dizbüsters

The Screaming Dizbüsters, the Nomads under disguise, recorded Don Van Vliet's 'Frying Pan' for the "Fast 'N' Bulbous Beefheart tribute.


  the screaming dizbusters: this ain't the summer of love / out of the frying pan
    (1986, 7", sweden, amigo ams169) - incl. 'frying pan' (van vliet)
  various artists: fast 'n' bulbous
    (1988, cd, uk, imaginary records ill cd 200) - all compositions by don van vliet

  various artists: showdown ! (1981 - 1993)
    (1992, cd, ??, sympathy for the record industry sftri 333)        - incl.the screaming dizbusters: 'frying pan' (van vliet)



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