various artists

fast 'n' bulbous
    - all compositions by don van vliet

1988 lp uk  
1988 cd uk imaginary records ill cd 200


  1. the dog faced hermanns: 'zig zag wanderer'
  2. xtc: 'ella guru'
  3. the scientists: 'clear spot'
  4. the membranes: 'ice cream for crow'
  5. the king of luxembourg: 'long necked bottles'
  6. the beat poets: 'sun zoom spark'
  7. that petrol emotion: 'hot head'
  8. the primevals: 'china pig'
  9. sonic youth: 'electricity'
  10. good and gone: 'harry irene'
  11. the screaming dizbusters: 'frying pan'
  12. the mock turtles: 'big eyed beans from venus'
  13. the beat poets: 'gimme that harp boy'
  14. the primevals: 'crazy little thing'