aki takase & alex von schlippenbach

Aki Takase & Alex Von Schlippenbach performed Frank Zappa's 'You Are What You Is' in Berlin, Germany, March 13, 1993. The piece was performed in a church on two full-size bechstein grand pianos.

The concert was part of the "Jazz Gegen Rechts" festival and got broadcast on the radio.

Part of the concert, including the Zappa composition, got released on album in 1995.

(picture on the right: aki takase & alex von schlippenbach)



  aki takase & alex von schlippenbach: piano duets - live in berlin 93/94
    (1995, cd, ger, free music production fmp own-90002) - incl.'you are what you is' (frank zappa)

  alexander von schlippenbach - aki takase: live at café amores
    (2018, cd, lithuania, nobusiness records nbcd 106) - incl. 'you are what you is' (frank zappa)


the radio broadcast:

Farbe Bekennen: Jazz gegen Rechts (Jazz against Fascism)
Gethsemane-Kirche, Berlin, 13 March, 1993

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