aki takase & alex von schlippenbach

piano duets - live in berlin 93/94
    - incl.'you are what you is' (frank zappa)

1995 cd ger free music production fmp own-90002

tracks 1 - 3:
1993/03/13 concert 'the gethsemane church', berlin, germany
tracks 4 - 9:
1994/12/09 concert 'deutschlandradio studio', berlin, germany

aki takase: grand piano
alex von schlippenbach: grand piano

  1. na, na, na, na... ist das der weg? (a.von schlippenbach)
  2. the morlocks (a.von schlippenbach)
  3. you are what you is (frank zappa)
  4. mysterioso (thelonious monk)
  5. ask me now (thelonious monk)
  6. pannonica (thelonious monk)
  7. evidence (thelonious monk)
  8. tales of something (a.takase)
  9. chapelure japonaise (a.takase)