think of one



  think of one: juggernaut
    (1998, cd, bel, de beek 001)
  think of one: marrakech emballages ensemble
    (1999, cd, bel, de beek 003)
  think of one: naft
    (2000, cd, bel, de beek 004)
  think of one: marrakech emballages ensemble II
    (1999, cd, bel, de beek 005)
  think of one: naft 2
    (2002, cd, bel, zonk 005)
  think of one: marrakech emballages ensemble III
    (1999, cd, bel, zonk 007)
  think of one: trŠfico
    (2006, cd, bel, crammed discs craw 30)
  think of one: chuva em po
    (2006, cd, bel, zonk)
  think of one: camping sha‚bi
    (2006, cd, bel, zonk)


random notes

2007 11 14

Think Of One is selected to give a showcase at Eurosonic 2008 in Groningen, The Netherlands. The band will be presenting their new album Camping Sha‚bi which will be released in February 2008 by Crammed Discs (Belgian release: 29 oct 2007).

The European showcase festival Eurosonic is part of the Noorderslag Weekend in Groningen. As 'Europe's Prime New Talent Event', Eurosonic takes place in more than 25 venues spread over the city centre of Groningen. The festival is supported by the European Broadcasting Union, a network of 26 European radio stations and a lot of European agents, record companies, booking offices, etc.

Come check out Think Of One and their Moroccan guest musicians @ Eurosonic 2008

place Plaza Danza
date 11th of January 2008
time 22:15 - 23:00





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