various artists

affz-cd 1

    - made by members of the newsgroup;
        artwork by cal schenkel

2000 cd usa private pressing

compiled & mastered by patrick neve

artwork by cal schenkel

  1. adrian clark: waaah! it's the schizo sisters!
  2. aj wilkes: fantasy garden through a child's eyes
  3. antal adriaanse: in isolation / getrommel
  4. michael p dawson: crepuscule with biffy
  5. bill leach / tomland: think about it over a joint
  6. bossk (r): conditioner (skiffle version)
  7. charles ulrich / the pygmies: the pygmy song
  8. chet green: solstice to equinox
  9. chris roe: trio improv 1995
  10. dan buxbaum: leftyland
  11. darkhop (john s hopkins): beelzebonehead
  12. dennis versteeg: the invisible box
  13. the duke of prunes: eliot caged
  14. fred banta: chuckawalla
  15. geir corneliussen: orangutan man meets frankenstein
  16. graham connah's jettison slinky: sparkly
  17. jay jones: tack
  18. jeff pollack /duck and the ponds: wild about you