adrian clark

from guitar player magazine (may 1999):
"since the age of 15, adrian clark has been obsessed with the music of frank zappa.  His school careers advisers rolled their eyes in despair when adrian outlined his future plans: 'i'm going to learn to play 'the black page' '. now music editor of guitarist magazine, adrian's recent projects have included his fun-packed book "legends" and a forthcoming book of wishbone ash transcriptions.  he also spends more time on and than is healthy for him."

the may 1999 issue of the u.k. guitar techniques magazine, carried adrian clark's 'frank zappa soloing study'. the same issue also presented guthrie govan playing zappa's 'peaches en regalia'.

  various artists: guitar techniques, may 1999
(1999, mag + cd, uk, future publishing) - incl.adrian clark: 'frank zappa soloing study' (a.clark); guthrie govan: peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)


adrian clark also contributed to the first album (of two) made by members of the newsgroup.

  various artists: affz-cd 1
    (2000, cd, usa, private pressing) - made by members of the newsgroup; artwork by cal schenkel


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