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guitar techniques, may 1999

1999 mag + cd uk future publishing

"guitar techniques" is a monthly guitar magazine.  it comes with a cd.
the may 1999 edition of the mag included a 'frank zappa soloing study', a lesson by adrian clark. the cd, with fz on the cover, not only presents the audio version of this lesson, but also has a superb coverversion of zappa's ' peaches and regalia' by guthrie govan on it. (the editors didn't get the permission of the zappa family to publish the transcription due to copyright blah blah)

adrian clark: guitar
guthrie govan: bass
pete riley: drums

'frank zappa soloing study'
6.  introduction

7.  full track
8.  backing track

guthrie govan: guitars

bonus track
9.  'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)

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