various artists

mama kangaroos
    - all compositions by don van vliet

2005 cd usa genus records

produced by mike villers

all compositions by don van vliet

  1. sweetie: where thereís woman

  2. winterbrief: the past sure is tense

  3. global transmission: the witch doctor life

  4. big mess orchestra: run paint run run

  5. radio eris: apes-ma

  6. voices of africa: abba zaba

  7. jane gilday: sugar bowl

  8. faye davis w/skip heller: her eyes are a blue million miles

  9. nancy falkow: my head is my only house unless it rains

  10. mia johnson w/tom gillam band: crazy little thing

  11. kiss kiss kill: lick my decals off baby

  12. essra mohawk w/edo: party of special things to do

  13. hoppy the frog: safe as milk (take 3)

  14. tintinabulus: when i see mommy i feel like a mummy

  15. friends of janet: iím glad

  16. beware the blunted needle: ashtray heart

  17. thorazine: frying pan

  18. lisa christ superstar: plastic factory

  19. king of siam: orange claw hammer

  20. nou rock w/ interplay: well