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TFEC says:

THE WEASEL MUSIC side 1 - 1969 acetate 19.18

  1. Albert Hall Spoken Introduction

  2. Chamber Music Piece 1

  3. Mozart Ballet

  4. Some Zany MOI Bullshit

  5. Chamber Music Piece 2

Here it is: 1/24th of "The History and Collected Improvisations of the MOI."

THE STORY OF THE ACQUISITION: A firsthand account from my source ...

So I get a call from the widow of the great artist, Neon Park. She says, "I've been going through Marty's stuff (Neon's real name was Marty) and I have a lot of records of his. I was talking to (mutual friend) Betzy and she said you like records. Do you want them?" and, being the vinyl hound I am, I said, "You bet! I'll take 'em all sight unseen." She said, "Okay, I'll go pull the can back in from the street." She had had them all in a trash can waiting for the Sanitation Engineers to pick them up.

Now I know Neon worked for many years doing album art for Warner Brothers (best known for Zappa's WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH and his string of covers for LITTLE FEAT) and was on their mailing list for new releases. Upon going through the LPs from the trash bin I found the usual assortment of product, some good, some not to my liking.

But then...

In an envelope addressed to Mr. Frank Zappa at his Laurel Canyon address, I found three studio acetate test recordings: a early ELO LP, a copy of Jean-Luc Ponty's Zappa tribute LP, KING KONG, and a curious disc labeled "The Weasel Music". Suspecting that this might indeed BE SOMETHING, I cautiously played it once. It seemed to be a live recording of the Mothers goofing around on stage doing what I guessed to be a mock-ballet. While light pseudo-classical piano arpeggios play (Ian Underwood?) you can hear the shuffling of feet and various antics while the crowd respond with laughter and amusement. I would imagine that it was mostly a visual presentation as opposed to an essential Zappa musical composition.

I kept this relic in good condition, still in its original envelope and cardboards. I lent it to my new friend and Zappaphile, Krel, when I moved to Little Rock. He has played it only twice, recording it both times.

So there you go.

The recording has been seeded on the Zappateers site.

August 2008, the album got sold on ebay for (at least) 2,125.00 US $.




  • frank zappa / the ensemble modern: burnt weeny sandwich part 2
        (1991, 12", usa, testpressing barking pumpkin records 74239)


(info from an ebay sale)

March 19th 1991 - frank zappa conducting ensemble modern - burnt weeny sandwich part 2 - 12" vinyl record test pressing manufactured by specialty records corporation olyphant, pennslyvania for barking pumpkin records - matrix numbers - 74239-a/b z 1-dmm sp1-1 818-pumpkin prearion td.

This is an official pressing made for barking pumpkin records and it's not " The Yellow Shark " or a reissue of the october 1969 Mothers Of Invention classic lp " Burnt Weeny Sandwich ".


(info from the seller)

In 1991 the group Ensemble Modern were in Los Angeles rehearsing some music that Frank had written for them. During this period they went into the studio to record this album "Burnt Weeny Sandwich - Part 2 ". The following year Ensemble Modern performed a series of concerts in Europe known as "The Yellow Shark ".

I obtained this record from a guy in los angeles many years ago that told me this was indeed " Burnt Weeny Sandwich - Part 2 ". There wasn't a record information sheet that was given to me with this record so I can't give you the track listings. I can recognise some of the themes: at the beginning of side 2 is "Semi-Fraudulent / Direct-From-Hollywood Overture" and later on the same side appears "This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich" {prologue & reprise} both from 200 Motels.
I didn't time the album but it's probably at least 50 mins long. Bascally it's only one continuing song on each side and perhaps the entire album was supposed to only be one long song.
The album comes in a white generic cardboard jacket that didn't have anything printed on it originally however somebody wrote - " frank zappa "-" barking pumpkin 24239 " and " burnt weeny sandwich " on the front cover and that person wasn't me.


The record is pressed by the specialty records corporation in olyphant, pennslyvania. Both labels are the printed speciality records corporation labels and there is some information written in on both labels. On side a is the date 3-19-91 and the account is capitol which i'm pretty sure is capitol records. Mtx no. Is a 2: 0mm and the record number is 74239. On side b is only written b 2 ! Omm whatever that's supposed to mean. { see photos }. Also i've provided all of the matrix numbers and letters that are etched in the trail offs { dead wax areas } at the end of both sides. There are some mostly light surface marks, a few that are more visable on side a. I played both sides and there's a little light background noise in only a few of the softer music areas and i remember hearing a pop for a couple of times on side b. { hey this is a vinyl record folks }. However both sides play good and loud and the little surface noise that's only there in a few places doesn't interfere with the ability at all to hear and enjoy this great album. Hey, this album was only made 15 years ago which in the life of a vinyl record isn't a very long time.  
here's some extra comment from the Zappateers site on this subject:

Comments by Pat Buzby:

The album consists of the London Symphony Orchestra recordings of "Mo & Herb's Vacation" and "Bogus Pomp."