frank zappa

a token of my extreme

1978 lp-bootleg usa zx 3656

This was the sixth album of the 10-record set:
the history & collected improvisations of frank zappa & the m.o.i.

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #2" (Apocalypse) / 1996 :
"1978 single european bootleg A Token Of My Extreme on ZX 3656 A/B originally pressed in 100 numbered opies with insert and taken from the Bridges Auditorium Claremont College California USA on the 11th April 1975 (2nd show). Despite this copy coming in a plain white cover, and rather inferior sound quality (as do all the Bongo Fury tour bootlegs)... I do quite enjoy giving this one a spin!"


1975/04/11-L- concert 'bridges auditorium', claremont, ca, usa
f.zappa, captain beefheartd.walley, t.fowlert.bozzion.m.brockb.fowler, g.duke  

side one

  1. a token of my extreme
  2. stinkfoot
  3. sleeping in a jar
  4. poofter's froth wyoming plans ahead

side two

  1. debra kadabra
  2. florentine pogen
  3. why doesn't someone get him a pepsi?  (= original version of 'the torture never stops, this is the world premiere of this piece)