frank zappa

the history and collected improvisations of frank zappa and the mothers of invention

1978 10lp-bootleg usa zx 3651 - 3660

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This ten LP box set with a 36 page booklet was released in 1978 with assorted colored blank labels. The ten LPs were also released in 1978 as singles from the same plates with black & white 12" x 12" slicks on the front & back. Supposedly re-released on colored vinyls with an ep, poster, button & sticker. Re-released twice more: in 1980 with a white fron slick & in 1981 with a blue front slick. Both of the same quality as the original set. This box set is sometimes referred to as the "Bogus Box #1"."

the albums:

  1. ultra modern stringbean (zx 3651)
  2. nifty (zx 3652)
  3. ein monster in der musikhalle (zx 3653)
  4. if you get a headache (zx 3654)
  5. frank zappa vs the tooth fairy (zx 3655)
  6. a token of my extreme (zx 3656)
  7. i was a teenage maltshop (zx 3657)
  8. petrouska (zx 3658)
  9. zurkon music (zx 3659)
  10. back on the straight & narrow (zx 3660)