frank zappa

if you get a headache

1978 lp-bootleg usa zx 3654

This was the fourth album of the 10-record set:
the history & collected improvisations of frank zappa & the m.o.i.


[1] 1975/05/13 concert 'kiel auditorium', saint louis, 
f.zappa, captain beefheartd.walley, t.fowlert.bozzion.m.brockb.fowler, g.duke

[2] 1975/10/23 concert 'music hall', boston, ma, usa
f.zappar.estradat.bozzion.m.brock, a.lewis and norma bell

side one

  1. intro
  2. apostrophe (')
  3. stinkfoot
  4. i'm not satisfied
  5. carolina hard-core ecstasy

side two

  1. you can swallow my pride  (an unreleased zappa song)
  2. any downers?   (in a very rudimentary state)
  3. packard goose  (is only the first lines recited over a "black napkins" vamp)
  4. camarillo brillo
  5. muffin man