frank zappa

zurkon music

1978 lp-bootleg usa zx 36589

This was the nineth album of the 10-record set:
the history & collected improvisations of frank zappa & the m.o.i.


this is the "baby snakes" concert
f.zappa, a.belewp.o'hearnt.bozzio, e.mannt.mars, p.wolf  


side one

  1. intro [from "flakes"]

  2. san ber'dino [baby snakes video version]

  3. tryin' to grow a chin [stage #6 version]

  4. city of tiny lites [baby snakes video version]

  5. the squirm [guitar solo]

  6. big leg emma

side two

  1. audience participation [baby snakes video version]

  2. the black page #2 [baby snakes video & baby snakes album version]

  3. jones crusher [baby snakes video & baby snakes album version]

  4. camarillo brillo [baby snakes video version]

  5. black napkins [baby snakes video version]