pamela zeibak

In his March 2017 newsletter, Hardy Fox says :
Much like The Residents, the Delta Nudes never existed.  It was a loose assortment of people who got together and made noise, and never bothered with a name.  The name was added only recently out of needing a convenient way to designate the time period.
But found in that group were the people who were to become The Residents, the man who would later become Snakefinger, and a handful of other regulars :


Pamela Zeibak
The Singer

We just knew her as Zeibak, it was what her friends called her.  She was an enthusiastic addition.  If we needed backing singers, she would show up with two or three more young ladies who didn't blink an eye at singing, often, pornographic lyrics with sweet harmonies.
Pamela Zeibak was fearless.  The lady could sing.  She was the best musician of any of us.  She appeared on "Meet The Residents" and "The Third Reich N Roll"



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