Shortly after the December 11 2010 concert of Zappanoia (the band), Jorge Manuel Gomes Rodrigues (who had played the part of Zomby Woof at the Zappanoia band's Zappanale concert in 2003) took over the Zappanoia Association.
Eduardo Cunha continues with Zappanoia (the band), but is no longer linked to the Zappanoia Association.

The Zappanoia Association organises concerts, including the Zappamundo festival.


The Zappanoia Associação will celebrate Zappa's 71th birthday with "Nascimento do Menino" Zappa at Katacumbas do Lyceu Camões, Lisbon on Saturday, December 17th 2011.

For this venue we have the following lineup:  

KARMA PLAYS ZAPPA - 10 years on the Zappa's road
THE CHROME PLATED MEGAPHONE OF DESTINY - For the first time in Portugal

The Zappanoia Associação celebrated Zappa's 72th birthday with a number of concerts at Katacumbas do Lyceu Camões, Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday, December 21th 2012.  





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