the deviants

UK punk band The Deviants covered Frank Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day' on their 1984 CD "Human Garbage".  Mick Farren covered the same track on one of his solo albums.

discography - the deviants

  the deviants: ptooff !  (1)
    (1968, ??, lp, ??)
  the deviants: disposable  (2)
(1968, ??, lp, ??)
  the deviants: the deviants  (3)
(1969, ??, lp, ??)
  mick farren: vampires stole my lunch money
    (1978, lp, ...) - incl. 'trouble coming every day' (frank zappa)
  the deviants: human garbage  (4)
(1984, uk, lp, psycho) – incl. ‘more trouble every day’ (frank zappa)
  mick farren and the deviants: partial recall         = compilation
    (1992, cd, uk, transatlantic/drop out) - incl. 'trouble coming every day' (frank zappa)

  deviants IXVI: eating jello with a heated fork  (5)
(1996, ??, cd, ??)
  the deviants: fragments of broken probes  (6)
(1996, ??, cd, ??)
  the deviants: human garbage
    (1997, cd, japan, captain trip records) = reissue of the 1984 vinyl album with different artwork // incl. ‘more trouble every day’ (frank zappa)
  the deviants: the deviants have left the planet  (7)
(1999, ??, cd, ??)
  the deviants: barbarian princes  (8)
(1999, ??, cd, ??)
  the deviants: this cd is condemned
    (2000, cd, usa, total energy ner3027) = a sampler
deviants_ner3027.jpg (49251 bytes)
  the deviants: on your knees earthlings!!!
    (2001, cd, usa, total energy ner3031) = a sampler / incl. 'trouble every day' (frank zappa)
deviants_ner3031.jpg (37835 bytes)


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