mick farren

mick farren used to be part of the deviants.  he recorded frank zappa's 'trouble every day' with the deviants and as a solo artist.


  mick farren: vampires stole my lunch money
    (1978, lp, ...) - incl. 'trouble coming every day' (frank zappa)

  mick farren and the deviants: partial recall         = compilation
    (1992, cd, uk, transatlantic/drop out) - incl. 'trouble coming every day' (frank zappa)

  mick farren: to the masterlock
    (2005, cd, japan, captain trip records) - incl. 'trouble coming every day' (frank zappa)


random notes

Mick Farren had a career as a solo artist, he was in a group called "Social Deviants" - later abbreviated to "Deviants", and you can find records issued under the name "Mick Farren & The Deviants"... So what will it be?

He cut his first solo album in 1970; it was called "Mona", "The Carnivorous Circus" or a combination of the two... it's not that clear (Transatlantic 212); then he stopped playing music and started to write about it (he also wrote about other stuff). Before this solo album he recorded 3 LPs with the Deviants: "Ptooff" (1967, Edsel - with liner notes by John Peel), "Disposable" (1968, Sire - with Dick Heckstall-Smith on Saxophone) and "Deviants" 3 (1969, Sire).

Richie Unterberger in All-Music Guide: "In the late '60s, The Deviants were something like the British equivalent to The Fugs, with touches of The Mothers of Invention and the British R&B-based rock of The Yardbirds and Pretty Things. Their roots were not so much in the British Invasion as the psychedelic underground that began to take shape in London in 1966-67. Not much more than amateurs when they began playing, they squeezed every last ounce of skill and imagination out of their limited instrumental and compositional resources on their debut, 'Ptooff!, which combined savage social commentary, overheated sexual lust, psychedelic jamming, blues riffs, and pretty acoustic ballads - all in the space of seven songs. Their subsequent '60s albums had plenty of outrage, but not nearly as strong material as the debut. Lead singer Mick Farren recorded a solo album near the end of the decade, and went on to become a respected rock critic. He has intermittently performed and recorded as a solo artist and with reformed versions of The Deviants".

Mick Farren's second solo album, 1978's "Vampires Stole My Lunch Money" (Logo 1010), is of more interest here, because it contained FZ's "Trouble Coming Every Day". Steve Huey of All-Music Guide, described the album as "a harrowingly honest depiction of rock & roll hedonism and its motivating psychological forces, with musical contributions from Dr. Feelgood's Wilko Johnson, the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde, Pink Fairy Larry Wallis, and many others". The same cover version can be heard on the "Partial Recall" CD (Transatlantic/Drop Out DOCD1989) by Mick Farren & The Deviants, which was issued by Demon Records Ltd. in 1992; as it says in the liner notes: "That's right, friends and neighbors - nothing in rock and roll ever dies. It just goes digital."

"Partial Recall" is sort of a compilation of "Mona; The Carnivorous Circus" (the complete set), "Vampires Stole My Lunch Money" (3 tracks), "Deviants 3" (2 tracks), and a single, compiled by Mick Farren (who also wrote the liner notes) and Pete Macklin. Here's the track list:

The Deviants on these recordings were Mick Farren (vocals), Paul Rudolph (guitar), Duncan Sanderson (bass) and Russell Hunter (drums), plus Tony Furguson and Boss Goodman. The musicians on "Mona; The Carnivorous Circus" (produced by Mick Farren) were Steve Hammond (guitar), John Gustafson (bass), Twink (drums), Steve Took (bass) and Paul Buckmaster (cello). The musicians on the 1978/1979 recordings (produced by Larry Wallis) were Larry Wallis (guitar), Andy Colquhoun (bass), Alan Powell (drums), Wilko Johnson (guitar), Will Stallybrass (harmonica), Sonja Kristina (vocals) and Chrissie Hynde (vocals).

In 1984, Mick Farren made one of his multiple comebacks, when he performed at Dingwalls Dancehall in London; part of the concert was registered on the LP "Human Garbage"(Psycho 25), which was re-issued in 1997 on CD as "Human Garbage - The Deviants Live" (a Japanese import from Captain Trip Records, with liner notes by Mick Farren). The musicians on this album were Mick Farren (vocals), Larry Wallis (guitar), Wayne Kramer (guitar), Duncan Sanderson (bass) and George Butler (drums).


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