Funk-rock band D'yea has Jerry Outlaw (from Bogus Pomp fame) as one of its members. The band played their first concert at 2003/05/30 at the State Theatre in St.Petersburg, Florida..

The same year, the band released their debut album.


  d'yea: bassstar mission  (1)
    (2003, cd, usa, private release) - feat.jerry outlaw 



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----- Original Message -----
from: fred hemmer - 2003/05/03
subject: bogus pomp sister band??

The following e-mail is from Jerry Outlaw and is about the first performance of his new band. While different from Bogus Pomp, the music is unique and worth checking out.
And don't forget the August 21 show at Tampa Theatre with Bogus Pomp and the chamber orchestra ensemble with Florida Orchestra musicians. I will let you know before tickets go on sale.
-- Fred

Hello everyone!!!   I am happy to say that my original funk-rock band D'YEA is finally going to do our first show.   It will be our CD release party at the State Theatre on friday, May 30th.   I'm sure we will have another band there too but who it is has yet to be confirmed.   The radio station  97.1 FM (97-X) has played one of our songs a few times and has gotten a good response on the request line.  I would like to invite everyone to please come out and see the debut of this great new band that I'm very proud of.   It's different that anything I've done before and it has a good chance of getting a record deal.  
Also, please call 97X radio station at 727-217-9797 and request D'YEA (pronounced DEE-YEAH)  The song they were playing is called "All around the world".   I hope everyone gives me the benefit of the doubt and comes to see this new original band.  It's nothing like Bogus Pomp but I'm very happy with the way it is developing.  I've been working on this band for two years and this will be our very first performance.  Once again, D'YEA at the State Theatre on friday, May 30th.  Please come out and see us play!!!!  I hope to see lots of Bogus Pomp people there.  

sincerely....  Jerry Outlaw




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