bassstar mission  (1)
    - feat.jerry outlaw

2003 cd usa private release

d'yea: vocals, guitar, basss guitar
gene heinous: vocals, rhymes, bass guitar
sonic: keyboards, vocals
jerry outlaw: lead guitars, vocal stylings
shawn wainwright: additional bass
jerome 'big foot' brailey: drums & percussion

produced and mixed by mike meengs and the bassstar crew

  1. right now (d'yea intro)
  2. i am d'yea
  3. bassstar (who's funkin' you now?)
  4. phaser
  5. divine-a-abolic
  6. kick a little revolution
  7. sweet home galaxy
  8. all aroung the world
  9. break down the walls
  10. (tell me) are you down with d'yea?
  11. bassstar (fevertech low-rider remix)
  12. d'yealand
  13. are you down with d'yea? (turtle band remix)