jimi tenor

Finnish composer and performing artist Jimi Tenor.

2007 / 2008, Jimi Tenor did a series of concerts with Flat Earth Society.

In 2009, Jimi Tenor teamed up with Tony Allen for the fourth album in Strut Records' "Inspiration Information" series.


  jimi tenor & kabukabu: joystone
    (2007, cd, ??, sähkö)
  jimi tenor & kabukabu: 4th dimension
    (2008, cd, ??, sähkö)
  jimi tenor & tony allen: inspiration information 4
    (2009, cd, ger, strut records strut043cd)
tenor_allen_ii4.jpg (35731 bytes)
  jimi tenor & kabukabu: the mystery of aether
    (2012, cd, ??, kindred spirits)
  jimi tenor & umo: mysterium magnum
    (2015, lp, finland, herakles records)







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