various artists

unmatched: you can't do that in spanish anymore vol.7
    – feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

2004 cd spain hall of fame records hof-025-cd

zappa tribute album

(almost) all compositions by frank zappa

  1. andres mastrangelo: inbocacción (phaze II)

  2. zappones: bobby brown goes down

  3. nando caballero: in france

  4. max crowe & steve jordan: dumb all over

  5. the return of the son of arfz!: sofa

  6. zappazerpa familia: concentration moon

  7. andres mastrangelo: easy meat

  8. carucha: fine girl

  9. juares cuadrilla: cheepnis

  10. litius: zoot allures

  11. the return of the son of arfz!: conehead

  12. el sobrino del diablo: the illinois enema bandit

  13. yehimeni: tryin’ to grow a chin

  14. zappanoia: love of my life

  15. román: oh no!

  16. caballero reynaldo: lemme take you to the beach
    hidden track:
    ???: he's so gay