jim whitaker

In his March 2017 newsletter, Hardy Fox says :
Much like The Residents, the Delta Nudes never existed.  It was a loose assortment of people who got together and made noise, and never bothered with a name.  The name was added only recently out of needing a convenient way to designate the time period.
But found in that group were the people who were to become The Residents, the man who would later become Snakefinger, and a handful of other regulars :


Jim Whitaker
The Piano Man

We had no piano.  But we knew a guy who did.  And that guy seemed to like to make noise with us.  He was what I would normally think of as an intellectual.  He was quiet.  We didn't always know what was going on in his brain, but whatever it was, it was pretty interesting. So whenever there was a need for piano, we would pack up everything and go to his house.  Usually his kid brother was there and joined with wild kid energy. I'm speaking of Jim Whitaker.  I can't remember his brother's name.  They are both on The Warner Bros Album. I exchanged emails with Jim maybe ten years ago.  He and his family seemed to be doing just fine.





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