frank zappa

masked turnip cyclophony
= a selection of the pal and original sound studio collection // feat.contributions by frank zappa

2015 cd uk gonzo multimedia  hst340cd

= a selection of the pal and original sound studio collection

paul buff
frank zappa
ray collins
dave aerni

  1. the masters: breaktime  (may 1961)

  2. the pal studio band: high steppin’  (jan 1961)

  3. baby ray and the ferns: the world’s greatest sinner  (nov 1961)

  4. baby ray and the ferns: how’s your bird  (mar 1963)

  5. the pal studio band: cookin’ turnips  (jan 1963)

  6. the penguins: memories of el monte (stereo mix)  (jan 1963)

  7. the pal studio band: waltz  (jan 1963)

  8. the pal studio band: sun dog alternate take  (early 1963)

  9. the pal studio band: smoky night  (early 1963)

  10. the pal studio band: can’t stand up  (apr 1963)

  11. bob guy: dear jeepers  (apr 1963)

  12. bob guy: letter from jeepers  (apr 1963)

  13. the heartbreakers: everytime i see you  (apr 1963)

  14. the pal studio band: love of my life alternate version  (apr 1963)

  15. the pal studio band: masked grandma  (apr 1963)

  16. brian lord and the midnighters: the big surfer  (may 1963)

  17. ned and nelda: hey nelda  (may 1963)

  18. ned and nelda: surf along with ned & nelda  may 1963)

  19. the hollywood persuaders: grunion run (stereo mix)  (jun 1963)

  20. mr. clean: mr. clean alternate mix  (june 1963)

  21. the pal studio band: why don’t you do me right? alternate demo  (summer 1963)

  22. the pal studio band/ allison buff: i’m losing status at the high school  (late 1963)

  23. conrad and the hurricane strings: hurricane  (dec 1963)

  24. the woody waggers: the sahara hop  (may 1964)

  25. frank zappa and steve allen: cyclophony   (mar 1963)