mauro pawlowski

Mauro Pawlowski was the mastermind behind the Evil Superstars, one of Belgium's best kept musical secrets. He also recorded & performed as Mauro.



The January 1966 edition of Rif Raf Magazine included an interview that Oliver Willems did with Kiss My Jazz. Here's a fragment:

RifRaf: By who is Kiss My Jazz influenced?

Rudy Trouvé: "Well, there are a lot of band members, so I suppose everyone has his own influences. To me, the No Wave from New York has been quite important. That's not New Wave but a mixture of jazz, punk and funk... Other than that, Pavement, and I'm a heavy fan of Chet Baker too."

RifRaf: Zappa perhaps?

Rudy Trouvé: "Whenever people hear strange crossings and mixtures of a few genres, they tend to hear Zappa in it. Maybe it's because we're influenced by people who were influenced by Zappa. I like Zappa, but I never had any intentions to do something in the same region."

Elko Blijweert: "Mauro aside, I don't think we've got a real Zappa-fan in the band."

(info: Kjell Knudde)

interview with mauro pawlowski for mao magazine, april 11, 2001
part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7

September 2005, the presented an interview with Mauro. Available for download.

2011/01/22, the Trix club hosted the first edition of Mauroworld, a festival that presented various projects that Mauro is a part of.
2013/05/10, the second edition of Mauroworld took place. Again at Trix.


selected discography

  evil superstars: hairfacts
    (1994, cd ep, bel, poznan rekordski poz001)
evilsuperstars_hairfacts.jpg (28704 bytes)
  x-legged sally: eggs and ashes  (3)
    (1994, cd, bel, sub rosa)

  evil superstars: satan is in my ass
    (1996, cd ep, uk, paradox records pdoxd009)
evilsuperstars_satanisinmyazz.jpg (24246 bytes)
  evil superstars: pantomiming with her parents
    (1996, cd ep, uk, paradox records pdoxd0010)
evilsuperstars_pantomiming.jpg (22763 bytes)


evil superstars: love is okay
    (1996, cd, uk, paradox records pdoxcd002)
evilsuperstars_loveisokay.jpg (33624 bytes)
  evil superstars: evil superstars
    (1996, cd ep-promo, uk, paradox records evil 1) = promo sampler
evilsuperstars_1996promo.jpg (27332 bytes)
  evil superstars: remix apocalyps e.p.
    (1996, cd ep, uk, paradox records 581 823-2)
evilsuperstars_remixapocalyps.jpg (25972 bytes)
  evil superstars: it's a sad sad planet
    (1996, cd-promo, uk, paradox records pdox019 ref)
evilsuperstars_itsasadsadplanet.jpg (21883 bytes)
  mitsoobishy jacson: nougat in koblenz
    (1996, cd, bel, brinkman) = mauro pawlowski and peter houben
  evil superstars: b.a.b.y.
    (1998, cd, uk, paradox records pdoxd017)
evilsuperstars_baby_dp.jpg (12123 bytes)
  evil superstars: have been wrong before
    (1998, cd ep-promo, uk, paradox records 588 604-2)
evilsuperstars_havebeenwrongbefore.jpg (32528 bytes)


evil superstars: boogie-children-r-us
    (1998, cd, uk, paradox records pdox018cd)
evilsuperstars_boogiechildrenrus.jpg (19956 bytes)
  mitsoobishy jacson: boys togetther out rageously
    (1999, cd, bel, heavenhotel) = mauro pawlowski, peter houben, guy van nueten and pascal deweze
mitsoobishy_jacson_boystogether.jpg (33104 bytes)
  kris de bruyne: buiten de wet
    (2001, cd, bel, culture records cult 1007 2) - feat. mauro pawlowski

  mauro: a faint smile
    (2001, cdsingle, bel, play it again sam pias 941.0017.24)

mauro_afaintsmile.jpg (22244 bytes)

  mauro: let me know
    (2001, cdsingle, bel, play it again sam pias 941.0027.124)

mauro_letmeknow.jpg (19644 bytes)

  mauro: everybody's friend
    (2001, cdsingle-promo, bel, play it again sam pias 941.0057.328)

mauro_everybodysfriend.jpg (19172 bytes)

  mauro: songs from a bad hat (1)
    (2001, cd, bel, play it again sam pias 941.00110.020)
mauro_songscd.jpg (19924 bytes)
  sue daniels: paris
    (2001, cd, bel, heavenhotel 7243 8 10360 2 0) - feat. elko blijweert, mauro pawlowski, rudy trouvé

suedaniels_paris.jpg (21248 bytes)

  shadowgraphic city: shadowgraphic city
    (2003, cd, nl, palomine records) = carol van dyk, pascal deweze, mauro pawlowski
  mauro pawlowski & the grooms: black europa
    (2004, cd, bel, future archive networks 04)

mauroandthegrooms_blackeurope.jpg (19968 bytes)

  magnus: the body gave you everything
    (2004, cd+dvd, bel, bulbus) = tom barman + cj bolland / feat. mauro pawlowski, peter vermeersch, tim van hamel

magnus_thebodygaveyou.jpg (31696 bytes)

  deus: pocket revolution
    (2005, cd, bel, universal)

  othin spake: live in archiduc
    (2005, cdr, bel, rat records rat 'demo' 003)

othinspake_archiduc.jpg (25344 bytes)

2 millionaire: paradisiac
    (2005, cd, bel, play it again sam pias 941 0161 020) - on track co-written by mauro pawlowski
millionaire_paradisiac.jpg (59485 bytes)
  possessed factory: volume I - raised by humans
    (2006, cd, bel, private release) = jef cuypers + mauro pawlowski

othin spake: the ankh
    (2006, cd, bel, rat records rat 004)

othin_spake_the_ankh.jpg (16686 bytes)

  pawlowski, trouvé & ward: pawlowski, trouvé & ward
    (2007, cd, bel, jezusfactory jf004) = split release

pawlowski_trouve_ward_cd.jpg (37592 bytes)

various artists: jazztublief!!
    (2007, cd-promo, bel, muziekcentrum vlaanderen fmc 2007/03) - incl. bruno vansina, teun verbruggen, flat earth society, franco saint de bakker, bart maris, mauro pawlowski, pierre vervloesem
jazztublieft2007.jpg (31335 bytes)
  deus: vantage point
    (2008, cd, bel, universal)

  othin spake: child of deception and skill
    (2008, cd, bel, rat records rat 008)

othin_spake_wildofdeception.jpg (9437 bytes)

  mitsoobishy jacson: the confusion of aj schicksal
    (2009, cd, bel, heavenhotel) = mauro pawlowski, peter houben, guy van nueten and pascal deweze
  mauro pawlowski: original music from the performance nieuwzwart
    (2009, lp, be, ultima vez)
pawlowski_soundtracknieuwzwart.jpg (27629 bytes)
  steppe: steppe
    (2010, cd, bel, rumour\01) - feat. mauro pawlowski
steppe_st.jpg (20423 bytes)
  deus: keep you close
    (2011, cd, eu, play it again sam)

deus_keepyouclose.jpg (19934 bytes)

  mauro antonio pawlowski: dynamic wind load man
    (2011, cdr, bel, barbar ph n 001)

pawlowski_barbarphn.jpg (61708 bytes)

  othin spake: the nethack dictionary
    (2011, lp, bel, sub rosa) - ltd edition: 150 white vinyl & 150 black vinyl albums

othin_spake_nethackdictionary.jpg (21855 bytes)

  mauro pawlowski: grown savage
    (2012, 10", bel, musicmaniarecords mm10013) - exclusive record store day limited edition

pawlowski_grownsavage.jpg (37993 bytes)

  jay phlitman & kim kang: candy queen speedway
    (2012, 10"ep, belgium, bananafishin' records 002)

phlitman_kang_10inch.jpg (43904 bytes)

  various artists: schrijver zkt. zanger
    (2013, cd, belgium, radio 1 - 082564 634648 6) - feat. mauro pawlowski, marcel vanthilt, stef kamil carlens

schrijverzktzanger2013.jpg (32973 bytes)

  roland van campenhout: new found sacred ground
    (2013, cd, bel, emi 5099901970722) - feat. mauro pawlowski
  hitsville drunks: jc says jc
    (2013, 7", bel, starman records smr012) = mauro pawlowski

hitsvilledrunks_jcsays_7inch.jpg (36406 bytes)

  hitsville drunks: jc says jc / high culture
    (2013, k7, bel, starman records srm012) = mauro pawlowski

hitsvilledrunks_jcsays_k7.jpg (42895 bytes)

  hitsville drunks: sincerely average
    (2014, cd, bel, starman records) = mauro pawlowski

hitsvilledrunks_sincerelyaverage.jpg (16856 bytes)

  gruppo di pawlowski: neutral village massacre
    (2014, cd, bel, stahlmus)

gruppodipawlowski_neutralvillage.jpg (35729 bytes)

  evil superstars: galaxian regression
    (2014, lp, bel, music mania mmlp035)

evilsuperstars_galaxianregression_12.jpg (19254 bytes)

  condor gruppe : a man alone // hitsville drunks: beat girl
    (2014, 7", belg, trix)

condorgruppe_amanalone.jpg (40739 bytes)

  kris de bruyne: in levende lijve
    (2015, 2cd, bel, cnr records belgium 22 25220-5) - feat. mauro pawlowski

krisdebruyne_inlevendelijve.jpg (24142 bytes)

  hamster axis of the one-click panther & mauro pawlowski: insatiable - play the peter houben songbook
    (2015, lp+cd, bel, starman records)

hamsteraxix300.jpg (15589 bytes)

  pawlowski, trouvé & ward: 2
    (2016, cd, uk, jezusfactory jf042cd) = split release

pawlowski_trouve_ward_2_cd.jpg (38937 bytes)

  flat earth society: terms of embarrassment
    (2016, cd, bel igloo 272) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, feat. mauro pawlowski

fes_termsofembarrassment.jpg (16458 bytes)

  maurits pauwels: afscheid in kloten
   (2016, cd, bel, stahlmus)

mauritspauwels_afscheid.jpg (34570 bytes)

  maurits pauwels: een mooie tijd / stille oude wereld
    (2016, 7", bel, stahlmus)

mauritspauwels_eenmooietijd.jpg (27343 bytes)

various artists: ham sessions - 2016
    (2016, cd-promo, bel, private release) - incl. sinister sister: 'inca roads' (frank zappa), feat. flat earth society

hamsession2016cd.jpg (31010 bytes)

  gruppo di pawlowski: in inhuman hands
    (2017, cd, bel, stahlmus) - also available as an lp/cd combination
gruppodipawlowski_ininhuman.jpg (23509 bytes)
  the mechanics: are dancing in your head
    (2017, cd, bel, oorwerk 004) = mauro pawlowski, rudy trouvé  //  during 'ode aan ornette' someone quotes frank zappa: "jazz ain't dead, it just smells kinda funny"

mechanics_aredancinginyourhead.jpg (21181 bytes)

  gruppo di pawlowski: in inhuman hands
    (2017, lp, bel, stahlmus) - re-issue of the lp but with a different album cover
  kloot per w / mauro pawslowski: insider / outsider
    (2019, cd, ??, ??)
  mauro pawlowski: eternal sunday drive
    (2021, cd, bel, unday)



2011/01/22 concert "MAUROWORLD", 'Trix Club', Antwerp, Belgium

  • - 20u00 - 20u30: Nieuw Zwart Trio (club)

  • - 20u50 - 21u20: Hitsville Drunks (bar)

  • - 21u40 - 22u20: Pawlowski (club)

  • - 22u40 - 23u00: Possessed Factory (bar)

  • - 23u20 - ??u??: Mauro & The Grooms (club)

  • - Tussen de optredens: Mauro & The Maurons


2013/05/10 concert "MAUROWORLD", 'Trix Club', Antwerp, Belgium

the second edition of Mauroworld

  • nieuwZwart Trio
  • Hitsville Drunks
  • Mauro & The Grooms
  • Possessed Factory
  • Gruppo di Pawlowski
    • Truth And Style, Phonecall From A Ruin, Monkey Hands - Perplexing Trousers, Fat Sinister Genius, Experiments in Haste

  • Maurits Pauwels





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