gabor vörös

Together with Tom Theuns, Gabor Vörös started Humble Grumble in 1996.

Around 2006, Gabor joined Follia!.

2014 saw the release of""Live Bij De Vieze Gasten", by Boma Family, a project of Gabor Vörös, Wouter Vandenabeele and Tom Theuns.

  humble grumble: the golden pile
    (1996, demo, bel, private release)
  humble grumble: the tom and gabor special
    (1996, demo, bel, private release)
  think of one: juggernaut
    (1998, cd, bel, de beek 001)
  humble grumble: dreamwavepatterns
    (2000, cd, bel, private release)

  humble grumble: rockstar
    (2004, cd, bel, private release)

  humble grumble: the tom and gabor special
    (2006, cd, bel, private release) - re-release of the 1996 demo

hg_tomandgabor.jpg (16850 bytes)

  humble grumble: 30 years kolinda
    (2006, cd, nl, pan records)

  follia!: grasshopper
    (2006, cd, bel, wild boar music wbm21067)

follia_grasshopper.jpg (19759 bytes)

  humble grumble: the face of humble grumble
    (2008, cd, bel, cocktailsoul productions)

hg_thefaceof.jpg (92910 bytes)

  humble grumble: flanders fields
    (2011, cd, it, altorck records)

hg_flandersflields.jpg (134238 bytes)

  humble grumble: guzzle it up
    (2013, cd, it, altrock records)

hg_guzzle_it_up.jpg (23735 bytes)

  boma family: live bij de vieze gasten
    (2014, cd, bel, private release) - feat. gabor vörös

bomafamily_live2014cd.jpg (31076 bytes)

  follia!: follia!
    (2014, cd, bel, wild boar music)

folia2014cd.jpg (32298 bytes)

  gabor vörös and graciela zaera: 'k zou zo gere willen leven
    (2014, cd, ??, ??)
  humble grumble: live
    (announced, ??)

humble_grumble_livecd2015.jpg (37487 bytes)






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