references to frank zappa by other artists
- in music

  aardvark recorded a track in which they mention zappa, "joe's garage" and 'catholic girls'
  acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o.: absolutely freak out - zap your mind
     (2001, 2lp, usa, static caravan / resonant) - album title is a reference to the first two mothers albums
  aerosmith: get a grip
    (??, cd) includes a quote from 'dynamo hum' (frank zappa)
  after crying: ??
    (??,??) - recorded a zappa tribute
  tim alexander and brain recorded a zappa tribute on "various artists: drum nation volume one", entitled 'shut up and play yer drums'
  anne frank zappa: anne frank zappa
    (2010, 7", nl, stardumb) - album cover & bandname link to frank zappa
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  joseph benzola
  john bergamo: on the edge (1)
    (1986, cd, ger, cmp cd 27) - 'whatever', (john bergamo) dedicated to frank zappa
  bguti orchestra: 3 strippers in gaza
    (2012, cd, nl, vulcano) - incl '3 strippers from gaza', a frank zappa tribute

bguti_3strippers.jpg (31726 bytes)

  the black napkins, dutch experimental music trio, named after the zappa composition
  blues etílicos: água mineral
    (????, cd, brasil, ??) - 'frank zappa vai para a martinica' (fz goes to martinica), a zappa tribute
  bozzio : frank  
  brain and tim alexander  recorded a zappa tribute on "various artists: drum nation volume one", entitled 'shut up and play yer drums'
  there's a band called brain police
  caballero reynaldo: clásico con twist  (1)
    (1995, cd, spain, hall of fame hof-005-cd) - album cover = reference to frank zappa
  caballero reynaldo: intercanvis
    (2010, cd, spain, hall of fame records) - album cover = reference to frank zappa
  chato!: live in the studio session 2018
    (2020, download, --, bandcamp) - includes 'in memoriam, frank zappa', a frank zappa tribute
  chickn: wowsers
    (2018, lp+cd, europe, inner ear records) - incl. 'elevational love of frank zappa'
  coffin break: cry
    (1991, 7", nl, k134) - picture of zappa on the back-cover of the picture sleeve
  concordia chamber ensemble: concordia chamber ensemble
    (2005, cd, usa, mmc records) - incl. 'frank' (peter homans), a tribute to the music of frank zappa (quotes 'king kong' (frank zappa)
  cotterjohn: conceptpeace
    (2002, cd, usa, private release) - including a zappa tribute

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  jim cox recorded a track called "frankie's in town"
  deep purple: ??
    (??, lp) includes 'smoke on the water' - = about the fire at the montreux frank zappa concert
  dr.lotech & the minimal man: journey into light
    (2001, cd, usa, left-of-centre blp-cd 4032) - incl.'frank's house' (a zappa reference)
  mattias ia eklundh: freak guitar - the road less traveled
    (2005, cd, france, replica records rpl028) - incl. a frank zappa tribute
  ensemble 4'33": hearts of 4.33.
    (1998, cd, ??, solyd records) - incl.'4.33 variations on frank zappa's theme' (aigui)
  erasorheads: ??
    (??, ??) - incl. 'punk zappa three'
  the fall: extricate
    (??,cd) includes 'i'm frank' - a tribute to frank zappa
  flat earth society: answer songs
    the tour incl. 'leave nothing' by bruno vansina (an 'answer song' to zappa's 'peaches en regalia'), did not make it to the cd
  fred frith: freedom in fragments
    (2002, cd, usa, tzadik) - incl. 't square park lark' (for frank zappa)
  pierrejean gaucher: melody makers II
    (2012, cd, france, musiclip mu 1205) - incl. 'sleep sweet', pierrejean gaucher's sequel to frank zappa's 'sleep dirt'

gaucher_melodymakers2.jpg (83092 bytes)

  gov't mule: gov't mule
    (1995, cd, usa, relativity recordings) - incl. 'left coast groovies (for fz)', a frank zappa tribute
govtmule_st_cd.jpg (28645 bytes)
  gov't mule: the georgia bootleg box
    (2011, 6cd, usa, evil teen) - incl. 'left coast groovies (for fz)', a frank zappa tribute
govtmule_georgiabootlegbox.jpg (27562 bytes)
  gspotwagner: slip into life
    (2007, cd, ger, moidabord / forke4) - incl. 'mein captain beefheart shrine', 'thanks to zappa - city of tiny lights'

gspotwagner_slip.jpg (16791 bytes)

  marc guillermont: zappostrophe
    (??, cd, fr, ??) - a tribute to frank zappa
  hasidic new wave: kabalogy
    (1999, cd, usa, knitting factory records kfr-239) - incl. 'the frank zappa memorial bris'
  eduardo kusdra, maguinho de alcântara brecht: brazuka kitchen - a collection of bass & drum duets
    (2013, cd, ??, private release) - incl. 'zappa' (kusdra, de alcântara brecht)

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  lagq: lagq's guitar heroes
    (2004, cd, usa, telarc cd-80598) - incl. 'let's be frank', a frank zappa tribute
  jon larsen: strange news from mars
    (2007, cd, norway, zonic entertainment zen 2001) - feat.various ex-zappa bandmembers

  jon larsen: a portrait of jon larsen
    (2010, cd, norway, zonic entertainment)
= compilation / feat. jimmy carl black; rommy mars and bruce fowler

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  lbt: my songs
    (2020, lp, ger, enja) - includes a track called 'zappa'
  paul lehrman: king frank
  the dennis leloup quartet has performed a piece entitled 'fatalement frank zappa'.
  thierry maillard trio and philharmonic orchestra: ethnic sounds
    (2016, cd, france, ilona records) - incl. 'zappa' (a tribute)
  john mayall: blues from laurel canyon
    (1968, lp, uk, decca) - incl. '2401' about zappa's place in laurel canyon
  enrico merlin: somewhere!
    (2019, cdr, italy, private release) - jazz bluegrass from hell  (refers to FZ)
  eddie meduza: garagetaper
    (1980, lp, sweden, cbs) - album cover = reference to frank zappa
  christophe monniot  
  the morticians: freak out
    (1987, 7", usa, tin soldier tin-1) - artwork uses "freak out" album cover
  muthas of invention
  jon nelson: gran calavera electrica
    (200?, cd, usa, sunken gong records jn 0102) - incl. 'gran calavera electrica' (s.barber's tribute to frank zappa)
  the newest model: empty notion
    (1989, cd-single, japan, sf-006) - artwork uses "freak out" album cover
  nine inch nails: closure
    (1997, 2vhs, usa, trimark home video) - incl. 'broken hearts are for assholes' (frank zappa)

nin_closure_vhs.jpg (67751 bytes)

  nine inch nails: closure
    (2006, 2dvd-bootleg, brazil, dvd ex 1001) - incl. 'broken hearts are for assholes' (frank zappa)

nin_closure_dvd.jpg (59798 bytes)

  fred norris - at the howard stern tv-show, 1993/12/07
    (1993/12/07, tv-show, usa) - included a zappa tribute sung by fred norris
  nts: zapporno
    (2017, lp, czech republic, amplion records) = frank zappa tribute
  frank nuyts: za-va-pa
    (1991/12/03) - 'za-va-pa' is dedicated to frank zappa; the composition was performed by jan michiels on piano.
  odin: odin
    (1972, lp, ger, vertigo) - incl.'tribute to frank' = tribute to frank zappa
  orquesta romanticos de cuba: temas de peliculas
    (1971, lp, ??, zafiro zv-584) - picture of frank zappa on the album cover

orquesta_romanticos_de_cuba_temas.jpg (81161 bytes)

  monty oxymoron: living my life backwards
    (2005, cdr, uk, oxy 001) - incl. 'zappafrank', a zappa tribute
  jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: say yes to live!
    (2007, cdr, bel, kaspar hauser records khr011) - mentions frank zappa during 'happy attictune'
  jay phlitman & kim kang: candy queen speedway
    (2012, 10"ep, belgium, bananafishin' records 002) - happy attictune mentions frank zappa in the lyrics

phlitman_kang_10inch.jpg (43904 bytes)

  jay phlitman & kim kang: monsters
    (2014, lp, belgium, bananafishin' records 004) - mentions frank zappa and captain beefheart in the lyrics

phlitman_kang_monsters143.jpg (15632 bytes)

  the plaster caster blues band: the plaster casters
    (1969, lp, usa, bluestime / flying dutchman) - 'you didn't try to ball me', dedicated to frank zappa
  the plaster caster blues band: lanoola goes limp / you didn't try to ball me
    (1969, 7"-promo, usa, bluestime / flying dutchman) - 'you didn't try to ball me', dedicated to frank zappa
  hermann schindler
  the rudy schwartz project: enhanced florence henderson
    (1994, k7, usa, private release / joe newman) - album dedicated to & including tribute to frank zappa
  the rudy schwartz project: günther packs a stiffy
    (1995, cd, usa, sealand 502cd) – incl. 'frank' (joe newman) = about frank zappa
  judith sloan: denial of the fittest
    (1998, cd, usa, ??) - includes 'a play', a song that mentions zappa in its lyrics
  markus stauss: trank zappa grappa in varese? - cryptic echoes - live in belgium
    (2006, cdr-promo, switzerland, fazzul music)
  howard stern - the 1993/12/07 tv-show
    (1993/12/07, tv-show, usa) - included a zappa tribute, sung by fred norris
  the stooges: the weirdness
    (2007, cd, usa, ??) - mentions frank zappa during 'mexican guy'
  les tailleurs de notes: s/t
    (2012, lp, france, inpolysons) - incl. 'zappa en velours'
  utopianisti: utopianisti
    (2011, cd, finland, private release) - incl. 'waltz for fz' (markus pajakkala)
  vai: ??  -> 'frank' on the ultra zone +  bootleg ??  
  twan van gerven: how u gonna stroke yer solo
    (2020, cd, nl, private release) - album liner notes mention "home is where the heart is..."
  jan vayne: media plaza movements
    (1999, cd, nl, media plaza)
- incl. 'het medialab [frank vincent zappa, 1940 - 1993]', inspired by frank zappa
  pierre vervloesem: home made
    (1994, cd, bel, carbon 7) - incl. '04/12/1993' (tribute to frank zappa)

pv_hm.jpg (22001 bytes)

  pierre vervloesem: home made
    (2014, download, bel, off records ovd004) = remastered & augmented  //   - incl. '04/12/1993' (tribute to frank zappa)
ovd004.jpg (30254 bytes)
  voice of venus: polyrhythms / algorithms
    (2021, cd, usa, private release) - incl. zappa tribute
  we're late for class: transmissions vol.1
    (2008, download, usa, private release) - incl.'sequel to the return of the son of monster magnet'
  dweezil zappa: go with what you know
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records zr 20003) - incl. 'all roads lead to inca' and 'chunga's whiskers'
  various artists: sheik, rattle & roll
    (2019, cd, uk, prog magazine 2019 06) - feat. panzerpappa